Anatomy of a Mikes Cannolo

Freshly made homemade filling is essential- prepared daily to guarantee freshness. The most popular are ricotta cheese, yellow and chocolate cream. Other fillings are chocolate cream . yellow cream . chocolate dipped . chocolate chip ricotta chocolate covered ricotta New York cheesecake and Florentine ricotta. The recipes, of course, are top secret - our bakers know the proper blend of ingredients to create the perfect texture and taste for this delicate creation.

Crunchy handmade shell always fresh and crispy, because we make them right here on the premises. Unlike many other shops that have these pre-made. Pictured here in the middle are also a special version of this shell, hand dipped in dark chocolate.

Chocolate chips are very popular and produce a delightfully seductive taste sensation with the fresh cream cheese. Combined with a chocolate-dipped shell, this is a chocolate-lovers dream.

A slight dusting with Powdered (confectioner's) sugar adds a subtle touch to the crispy deep-fried shell, and a level of elegance as well.