IMPORTANT: Do not place on-line orders if you or any family member have any allergic symptoms to baked goods.

"Now with Real Pistachio Nuts!"

We have upgraded! Real Pistachio Nuts now take the place of our mixed nuts.

Mike's Pastry New Ten-count Cannoli Kit is the latest of Mike's on-line offerings that allows you to make Fresh Cannoli in the comfort of your home - as if you just brought them home from Mike's!

This extraordinary new offering features Mike's Pastry own Handmade Cannoli Shells and Fresh Specialty Fillings - both specially packaged for your convenience in storage and assembly, along with trimmings and powdered sugar - everything you need to reproduce the Cannoli experience anywhere in the United States!
You probably will have ordered from, or may order if you wish our Ten Count Cannoli kit from Mike's Pastry OnLine Store. Please choose from 3 different filling flavors. They are
  • CANNOLIRICOTTA10CT "Mike's Famous Cannoli: Handmade Shells, with Fresh Traditional Ricotta Cream Filling kit yields 10"
  • CANNOLICHOCOLATE10CT "Mike's Famous Cannoli: Handmade Shells, with Fresh Rich Chocolate-Cream Filling kit yields 10 "
  • CANNOLIYELLOW10CT "Mike's Famous Cannoli: Handmade Shells, with a Favorite Fresh Yellow-Cream Filling kit yields 10

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Customized packaging fits everything...Please be there to sign for your delivery.

Exploded View. A break out view of the package in its entirety.

Important Notes about Ordering, Shipping and Receiving of Cannoli
  • Special Packaging. "10CT Cannoli" from the pastry category, are shells that are carefully dry-packed in a genuine Mike's Pastry Box and individually wrapped. Underneath, a small styrofoam cooler contains the cream filling - shipped frozen to ensure its safe and fresh arrival. The cooler contains as well 3 sealed plastic cups with Cannoli trimmings, chocolate chips, Green Real Pistachio Nuts and confectioner's sugar.

  • Be There to Receive it. Your Order is Here! Please make sure someone is there to receive your delivery!
Instructions for proper ingredient handling and Cannoli preparation are enclosed.

Be prepared to make more than you plan on eating; they have a way of disappearing, especially when you have company!


Custom Cooler Contents. Perishable product is maintained at a safe temperature through the use of a special Gel-Pak.
Put Away the Perishables.

The quick-frozen Cannoli Cream filling of your choice is sealed in a Baker's Bag in the small custom-sized styrofoam cooler. Temperature protection is provided by a Gel-Pak, approximately 9 in. x 5 in., which when frozen, guarantees appropriate temperatures throughout the order and shipping process.

Upon receipt, please remove the Baker's Bag and refrigerate it immediately. Be sure to keep the filling refrigerated until use as it is the most perishable component of the kit.


Handle With Care!

A set of Ten (10) homemade Mike's Cannoli Shells come bubble-wrapped in a flat, Mike's pastry box. Each shell is individually wrapped to ensure freshness. This separate, genuine Mike's Pastry flat box keeps handmade cannoli shells fresh and intact.

Cannoli Shells are very FRAGILE; please handle them with the care with which they were made. Again, store them safely in a cool, dry place until ready for use.
  • Trimmings

    Mike's has provided traditional trimmings for your cannoli, so that you may finish them just as professionally as they would be done at Mike's pastry. These may be put aside for later use, recommend refrigeration only of the chocolate chips, as both the powdered sugar and Green Real Pistachio Nuts have a reasonable shelf life. (You will most certainly have eaten the cannoli before any of the trimmings expire!)

    Preparation of Baker's Bag for Cream -Filling of Cannoli:

    To Fill Cannoli cut 1" from the narrow end of the Baker's Bag. Cut at an angle for best results. One inch is approximately the diameter of the Cannoli shell, and this will be the optimal width for filling.

    This will effectively create a small nozzle through which you will squeeze the filling out of the bag and into the Cannoli.

    Filling the Cannoli

    You will use the opposite end of the bag to squeeze out the filling from this "nozzle". Take the cannoli shell in one hand and fill it at either end by squeezing the bag until the filling is expelled into the shell. (Be sure to fill cannoli at both ends for best results).

    Filling. Perhaps the trickiest part of the process, but fairly easily mastered.

    Trimming is as easy as dipping the filled ends of the Cannoli into either the Chocolate Chips or the Green Real Pistachio Nuts.

    Shown are the Ricotta, Yellow Cream and Chocolate Cream Cannoli with both trimmings applied.

    Powdered Sugar, a Final Touch.

    This is literally, the "icing on the cake". Sprinkle lightly with Confectioner's (powdered) sugar and the production is now complete!

    Sprinkle lightly with Powdered Sugar.